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Grow Taller Pyramid Secret

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Of Course NASA Has The Most Badass Pumpkin-Carving Contests
Because who else but actual rocket scientists would make pumpkins that shoot laser beams and smoke?
Happy post-Halloween festivities. Try not to eat too much candy.
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Grow Taller Stretches

Easy height enhancing stretch exercises!

grow_tallerFormulated milk and supplements to enhance growth aside, a lot of people can enjoy few inches added to their height by doing simple exercises and stretching routines.

How Stretching Helps

Experts suggest that stretching exercises mimic the conditions and strains induced by other resistance workouts such as weight lifting.The only difference with height-enhancing exercises is that the spine and abdominal muscles are targeted.

To put it simply, stronger muscles result to having compressed invertebral discs responsible for thickening the cartilages in the spinal columns, thereby lengthening the spine and naturally increasing your height.

A good program incorporates varied routines that put the body in plethora of motion. This can be advantageous in that the body becomes more flexible, and makes the bone and cartilage more receptive to growth. In fact, a successfully carried out series of exercises can give additional 2-3 inches on your stature.

Monkey Bar Technique

Centered on the concept that gravity inhibits growth. Spending a day in an upright vertical position can make the spine and joints compressed – a reason why the cartilages are squeezed and you appear shorter.

monkeybarsTo counteract this effect, practice a simple hanging exercise to focus the weight on the lower torso, and stretch out the spine.

This technique also reduces the tension between the vertebrae.


Waterless Swimming

This is also known as the alternate leg kick, and concentrates the stretch on the lower back.


Pelvic Shift

Probably the easiest but most effective height-enhancing stretch, the pelvic shift is extremely helpful when trying to get taller. The resistance is concentrated on the lower part of the spine and the hips.


1. Lie down flat on your back with the shoulders and arms placed firmly against the floor.

2. Bend your knees and position the feet as close to the buttocks as possible.

3. Arch your back and thrust your pelvis upward.

4. Hold the pose for 20 to 30 seconds and repeat the process.

Other than these exercises, yoga and advanced grow taller stretches can be incorporated in the routine to gain better results.

Before plunging in to these regimens, however, it is best have yourself checked by your trusted doctor to gauge whether your body is sound enough to be subjected to high-level strains and resistance.

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